Publication Ethic

KOPERTIP: Scientific Journal of Informatics Management and Computer is a scientific journal that publish infomatics management and computer that have not been published before. This publication ethics declaration is a complete decalaration for all stakeholder in this scientific publishing, managers, editors, peer reviewers, and authors. The declaration of scientific publication ethics is based on Head of LIPI Regulation no 5 year 2014 about Scientific Publication Ethics, in short upholding three values of publication ethics:

  1. Neutrality, free from any conflict of interest in publication management;
  2. Justice, giving the right of creation to the person that worthy of such right; and
  3. Honesty, free from any duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism in publication.

Duty and Responsibility of Editor in Chief

  1. Defining name, scientific scope, period, and accreditation of journal if needed.
  2. Defining the membership of board of editors.
  3. Defining the relationship between publisher, editors, peer reviewers, and any other party.
  4. Respecting confindential matters, for contributing researcher, authors, editors, or peer-reviewer.
  5. Implementing norms and regulation about intellectual property right, especially copyright.
  6. Reviewing journal policies and inform it to author, editor, peer reviewer and reader.
  7. Developing code of conduct for editor and peer reviewer.
  8. Publish the journal in timely manner.
  9. Guarantee the funding for publishing sustainability.
  10. Building the marketing and cooperation network.
  11. Improving journal quality.
  12. Preparing the permission and any legal aspect.

 Duty and Responsibility of Editor

  1. Commenting author's paper to help reader understand author's intention.
  2. Commenting author's writing with proper grammar according to journal's standard language.
  3. Promoting journal quality continously.
  4. Encourage freedom of speech objectively.
  5. Giving correction, clarification, recall, and apology if needed.
  6. Ensure that the writing does not contain any racism or anything that can harm publisher credibility and also communicating such writing to the Editor in Chief.
  7. Accept, review, and process any complaint arise from journal publication.
  8. Support the innitiative to educate researcher/academia about publication ethics.
  9. Does not defend author's, third party's, or own opinion that can result in unobjective decision.
  10. Encourage author to revise their works to make their paper publishable.
  11. Set the layout of manuscript to comply publishing template.
  12. Help Editor in chief to finalize manuscripts before publishing, especially in term of grammar, format, and layout.

 Duty and Responsibiltiy of Peer Reviewer

  1. Giving written objective, unbiased feedback about manuscript's scientific value and contribution to science;
  2. Pointing whether manuscript is clear, complete, relevant, and suitable to the journal's scope;
  3. Does not give personal critiques nor comments; and
  4. Guarding the manuscript secrecy, by not discuss it with unauthorized personel or distributing the information contained in the manuscript to another party.

Duty and Responsibilty of Website Administrator

Website administrator is a person that responsible to manage journal's website. Specifically, the duty of a website administrator is as follow:

  1. Prepare journal's website;
  2. Configure system's options and manage user's account;
  3. Managing the registration of an editor, reviewer, and author;
  4. Manage journal's features;
  5. Review report statistics; and
  6. Upload/publish accepted manuscript.